LION | King of the Jungle Rank Adventure

The King of the Jungle adventure is a required activity for Lion Cub Scouts (Kindergarten). It focuses on citizenship by beginning at home with family and acts of service.

Activities with an asterisks (*) are found via the QR codes in the Lion Adult Partner Handbook and Lion Cub Scout Handbook.

Requirement 1 | Your Family

Draw a picture or take a photo of the people you live with.

Choose at least one activity from the following:

Activity | My Lion Family*

Use the Lion Handbook and draw a picture of your family.

Requirement 2 | Helping At Home

With your Lion adult partner, choose a job that will help your family. Follow through by doing that job at least once.

Choose at least one activity from the following:

Activity | Lions Can Help Too*

Using the coloring page in the Lion Handbook determine how a scout can help at home.

Requirement 3 | Stories from the Past

Talk with a grandparent or other older adult about what citizenship means to them.

Choose at least one activity from the following:

Activity | Visits*

Invite a grandparent or military veteran to attend a den meeting to talk about citizenship. Alternately, set up a visit to an assisted living facility to talk about citizenship and the differences in modern life and the time they grew up.

  • Grandparent Visit
  • Visit From A Veteran
  • Visiting Grandparents

Requirement 4 | Service Project

Participate in a service project.

Choose at least one activity from the following:

Activity | Service Projects*

Scouts are HELPFUL! We believe in service and service can be a large or small. Please see our page that compiles a list of many different types of service projects of varying skill and time requirement.

  • Lion Art Supply Drive – Collect art supplies for children in homeless/ transitional shelters.
  • Lion Book Drive – Collect books to donate to a children’s hospital.
  • Lion Scouting For Food – Participate in the council sponsored events. Often these are in February and coincide with Scout Sunday.

Each of these suggested service projects will require more than one week to complete. For more ideas visit the ‘Service Projects for Cub Scouts’ page.

<<< Service Projects >>>

Optional: Consider collecting supplies for an animal rescue that you visit while completing Mountain Lion Requirement 4.

Completing the King of the Jungle Adventure

Congratulations you completed the King of the Jungle adventure! Don’t forget to mark off the Adventure on the Trail Map and Adventure Tracking page. If you did not complete this with your den tell your den leader so they can mark the completion in Scoutbook and your Lion will be awarded his or her adventure belt loop soon after. Well done, off to the next adventure!

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