Service Projects for Cub Scouts

Service Projects for Cub Scouts are great thing to do but are not an official Cub Scout Adventure. However, scouts are HELPFUL! We believe in service and service can be a large or small. They all count. Here we will outline some ideas of ways to help your den or family can contribute and be of service to others.

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Secret Scout Service BINGO

Your mission is to serve others without being asked or without their knowledge. Select your acts of service from the options on the BINGO card and mark them off as you complete them! Try to get five in a row or a full blackout card.

Secret Scout Service BINGO

The options in all CAPITALS are included below.

Get the game boards HERE.

Secret Scout Service Cleanup Scavenger Hunt

Secret Scout Service Cleanup Scavenger Hunt

Get a group together and go cleanup! What’s more fun than gamifying?!


  • Scavenger Hunt Print Out, one per scout
  • pencils
  • gloves
  • 2 plastic grocery bags per participant
  • Optional: hand sanitizer

Get the scavenger hunts HERE.

No Sew Dog Toy

Tutorial used with permission from Sylvia’s Stitches

Once you learn how to make these you can make as many as you want out of any type of fabric – old jeans and t-shirts are a great option. Donate your toy to a shelter or any pup in need!

No Sew Dog Toy How-To


  • 3 – 3.5 inch strips of fleece
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Binder clip


  1. Lay the three strips evenly on top of each other.
  2. Find the center and fold the strips in half. Secure the fold with a binder clip or have a helper hold it.
  3. Move half of the strips up out of the way. All the ones on one side of the fold

4. Braid the Center Loop Handle:

  • First curl the strips in a bit so their edges are not showing.
  • From the center (the clipped part), braid down about 6 inches – about the length of a pen.
  • Move the binder clip from the top of your braid to the bottom – or ask your helper to hold the bottom of the braid now
  • Turn it over and start at the top of the first braid and braid the other side down another 6 inches.
    • When you have completed this step you should have a 12 inch braid in the middle of your fabric strip, with loose ends on each end
  • Fold the braid in the center. The tail ends should be about the same length on both sides.

5. Braid the Rope:

  1. Match the fabric, by color, from the left side with fabric from the right side.
  2. Lay the two matched pieces together to form one and curl them so the edges are not showing.
  3. Tightly braid the three double-layered strips together. Stop when you are near the end.

6. Knot the End:

  • Take the whole top and loop to make a knot.
  • Slide and pull the knot tight to the end.
  • Use scissors to trim the tail pieces evenly.
  • Boom! Done!

More Service Projects

Completing a Service Project

Congratulations you have completed a service project! While this is not an official adventure (though you may be able to count it for a requirement of one – see above – or an award) now is a great time to get in the habit of tracking your service hours. This is not required but will become a big part of your next scouting adventure – Scouts BSA. Consider tracking service hours on the back inside cover of your Lion Handbook.

Well done, off to the next adventure!

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CUB SCOUT Service Projects - Ideas

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