Lion | Everyday Tech Elective Adventure

The Everyday Tech adventure is an elective activity for Lion Cub Scouts (Kindergarten). This adventure explores technology and how to use it safely. It is a very simple no prep/ low prep adventure that can easily be completed in under an hour.

Activities with an asterisks (*) are found via the QR codes in the Lion Adult Partner Handbook and Lion Cub Scout Handbook.

Requirement 1 | Discovering Technology

Discover technology around your home, meeting place, or neighborhood.

Choose at least one activity from the following:

Activity | “I Spy” Technology*

This is a zero prep, zero supply activity. Simply play a traditional game of “I Spy” for technological items in the area of play.

Activity | What Is Technology?*

For this activity scouts only need to complete the page in their Lion Handbook.

Requirement 2 | Easy Street

Discover ways that digital technology can make life easier.

Choose at least one activity from the following:

Activity | Grocery Shopping Tech* Field Trip

Using their adult partner’s smart device loaded with a grocery store app find a track the lowest priced items from a list of staples: eggs, black beans, canned tuna, rice, sugar, apple, bread.

Activity | Making Life Easier*

Use the lion handbook to complete a page matching old to new technology.

Activity | Technology Memory Game*

Leaders need to print and cut a part several sets of memory cards (provided via the QR code) matching old and new technology.

Requirement 3 | Getting Digital

Identify an item of digital technology you use at home.  Demonstrate to your Lion adult partner how you use it safely.

Choose at least one activity from the following:

Activity | Be Safe With Technology Lion*

Note: This is the activity provided by Scouts BSA, however it does not seem to directly address the requirement. You need to add the part where the scout actually demonstrates at home how to use an item of digital technology safely.

No prep guided den discussion with adult partners about creating or sharing their rules for using digital devices.

Completing the Everyday Tech Adventure

Congratulations you completed the Everyday Tech adventure! Don’t forget to mark off the Adventure on the Trail Map and Adventure Tracking page. If you did not complete this with your den tell your den leader so they can mark the completion in Scoutbook and your Lion will be awarded his or her adventure belt loop soon after. Well done, off to the next adventure!

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