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Webelos | A Fourth Grade Adventure

Welcome to Webelos (We‘ll Be Loyal Scouts) Scouts! Our resources are designed to help scouts complete ranks and electives with their families and dens.

The Webelos Program is composed of Webelos | Elective Adventures and Webelos | Rank Adventures. Webelos Rank Adventures are required for the completion of the Webelos program. Additionally, a scout must complete one Elective. Fortunately, there are so many fun ones to choose from.

Webelos is entering Fourth Grade in the fall and must be a member of their Webelos den for at least three months.


Below you will find resources to complete all of the rank adventures and many of the elective adventures. Moreover, you can find guidance in the Webelos Cub Scout Handbook and a plethora of ideas and activities on Pinterest.

Additionally, all ranks require the completion of the Bobcat Rank before beginning. This only needs to be done once but is first no matter where your scout is starting (except Lion). Further, each year scouts must complete some personal protection and Internet safety and etiquette exercises.

Webelos Cub Scouts

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