What is Adventure C.U.B.S.?

Adventure CUBS began as C.U.B.S., Cubs Ultimate Boxes for Scouting, a program that started in the summer of 2020 to fulfill Cub Scouting needs while we were all stuck at home and unable to meet together. Our "Camp in a Box" product evolved to illustrate a void in scouting. Many times a scout cannot join in a group, due to travel or illness, or misses a lot of meetings due to other schedules such as sports and extracurricular classes. Having this resource helps catch our "lost" scouts as well acts as an open and go resource for busy den leaders!

We are so glad you are interested in the program and, whether or not orders are open, we provide many fantastic resources on this site to help facilitate an amazing - ultimate? - scouting adventure!

Show us your scouting adventures! #AdventureCUBS

learn about the ranks

Entering 1st Grade in the Fall

Entering 2nd Grade in the Fall

Entering 3rd Grade in the Fall

Entering 4th Grade in the Fall

Entering 5th Grade in the Fall

What about lions?

The lion program is designed to begin when a scout begins Kindergarten. It is a very gently entry into the scouting world and is minimal by design.