Overnights for Scouts
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Scout overnights are a great way to beat the summer heat (or whatever weird weather Texas throws at us!). Throughout the year most scouts camp and hike. Fortunately, in Texas, our weather is fairly moderate and we can get outside for the majority of the year.

But, sometimes it is dangerously hot (or freakishly cold) or torrentially raining and it is nice to be able to keep activities going year round. This is where overnights for scouts come in. Generally, these are going to at least have sleeping options in a climate controlled building. You may be out and about in the heat of the day but begin able to head inside can be a real fun enhancer when the summer temperatures start creeping up! Plus, spending the night somewhere different just ups the fun factor for kids (ups the back aches for adults but what do we do? We do it for the kids!).

Here is a great list of overnight for scouts across Houston and Texas.


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