LION | Mountain Lion Required Rank Adventure

The Mountain Lion adventure is a required activity for Lion Cub Scouts (Kindergarten). It focuses on outdoor safety and awareness. During this adventure scouts and their adult partners will take the first steps in learning outdoor safety and then have the opportunity to learn those skills!

Activities with an asterisks (*) are found via the QR codes in the Lion Adult Partner Handbook and Lion Cub Scout Handbook.

Requirement 1 | Cub Scout Six Essentials

Identify the Cub Scout Six Essentials. Show what you do with each item.

The Cub Scout Six Essentials to take on outdoor adventures are:

  • Filled Water Bottle
  • Whistle
  • Flashlight
  • Sun Protection: Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses
  • Trail Food
  • Small First Aid Kit

Watch the video for more in depth explanations:

Choose one of the following activities:

Activity | Guess the Cub Scout Six Essential*

This is a low prep, low supply charades inspired game. It is suggested to combine this game with the ‘Cub Scout Six Essentials’ Lion Handbook page.

Activity | Kim’s Game Cub Scout Six Essentials*

Kim’s Game is a classic memory that all ages love. It is suggested to combine this game with the ‘Cub Scout Six Essentials’ Lion Handbook page.

  • Cub Scout Six Essentials plus a few extra items
  • Towel/ Sheet

Lay out the collection of items. Give the scouts 30-60 seconds to memorize them. Then cover the items. Scouts and there partners must identify all the items and note which ones are part of the Cub Scout Six Essentials.

Activity | Build Your Cub Scout Six Essentials Pack

Instead of only bringing a set of the Six Essentials to show the Lion Cubs consider building a pack for each scout together.

If there is time in your den plan, consider making a Stations/ Trading Post where scouts can “buy” each Essential from a station in exchange for displaying a Cub Scout skill or work together to make a part. For instance, show the Cub Scout sign to receive a flashlight, recite the Scout Law for a whistle, “Do Your Best” cartwheel to receive sun protection and have stations for filling water bottles, making trail mix, and building a first aid kit. For more details read about the Cub Scout Six Essentials Game here.

  1. Sit together as a group. Write names on the Plastic Bags and pass one out to each child.
  2. Review the Cub Scout Six Essentials and pass out each item to add to the bag as you discuss them.
  3. Fill water bottles and get ready for the hike!

Note on Building Packs

The items chosen above are presuming you will keep most of these items in a hiking/ outdoor pack ready to go. It is important to teach kids to carry their own water and some supplies. The CamelBak Scout Hydration Backpack is the perfect size for kids this age. It also means you do not need another water bottle or a whistle. It is small enough for them to manage and still has enough space to add found treasures, binoculars, and fit inside of an adult backpack if you do longer hikes and they get tired.

The items linked above will make sets for 12 kids for just under $10 each. To minimize costs consider purchasing with other dens, asking parents to help, and reaching out to your local emergency responders. They often do community outreach and give away items like water bottles, first aid kits, hats, sunglasses, etc.

Two Items I would Consider Purchasing are the Hand Crank Flashlights and the Small First Aid Kit. The flashlights are nice because you never have to worry about forgetting them and replacing batteries if they’ve sat in a pack unattended for awhile. The linked First Aid kits are really the perfect size for throwing in a pack and refilling as needed.

Activity | Race to Six

  • Six Essentials plus 5-10 more related items

This game should be played as an introduction, before they know the actual Cub Scout Six Essentials.

  1. Spread the items out on a table.
  2. One at a time let the kids run up and choose an item they think is part of the Six Essentials.
  3. As a group they must determine when they think they have all six.
  4. The leader tells them how many are correct but not which ones.
  5. They repeat #2 & #3 until they find all six.

Requirement 2 | Outdoors Natural vs. Manmade

With your den, pack, or family, take a walk outside spending for at least 20 minutes exploring the outdoors with your Cub Scout Six Essentials. While outside, identify things that you see with your Lion adult partner that are natural and things that are manmade.

Choose one of the following activities:

Activity | No Prep/ No Supply Options*

  • A Different Point of View *– On the walk explore different points of view. Requires no pre-planning or supplies.
  • I Spy Something Natural* – Play “I Spy” to identify natural and manmade structures. Requires no pre-planning or supplies.

Upon completion of any of these activities scouts can complete the page in their Lion Handbook to show what they saw that was natural and what they saw that was manmade.

Activity | Outdoor Scavenger Hunt* (Also fulfils Champions of Nature Req. 1)

This activity is for Lion Cubs to explore nature and determine what is natural versus manmade. It is minimal prep and supplies: printing out the Outdoor Scavenger Hunt page and brining something to write with.

Extend the discussion past identification to include the difference in natural vs. man-made items and this activity can also be used to fulfill Champions of Nature requirement 1.

  1. Print a scavenger hunt page for each scout.
  2. Mark off items as they are viewed on your outdoor exploration.

After the hunt scouts can complete the page in their Lion Handbook to show what they saw that was natural and what they saw that was manmade.

Requirement 3 | S.A.W. – Stay, Answer, Whistle

Discover what S.A.W. means.

This requirement teaches scouts what to do if they are separated from their group: Stay, Answer, Whistle.

Choose one of the following activities:

Activity | Does My Whistle Work?*

Self explanatory, discuss SAW then practice blowing three short blasts (the universal signal for distress).

Make sure you have outdoor space for this one!

Activity | Reverse Hide And Seek*

No prep activity to practice the method with their adult partner.

Activity | S.A.W. Maze*

Directs scouts to complete the Lion Handbook page.

Requirement 4 | Domestic vs. Wild

Identify common animals that are found where you live.  Separate those animals into domesticated and wild.

Choose one of the following activities:

Activity | Visit To Animal Rescue*

Visit an animal rescue to learn the difference between domestic and wild animals. This is a great opportunity to do a service project. Most rescues keep a list of needs available. Have scouts collect supplies and bring them to donate when you visit.

Crossover with King of the Jungle Requirement 4

After, if desired, complete the page in the Lion Handbook.

Activity | Is it Wild?

This game lets Lion Cubs learn about wild versus domesticated animals.

  1. Load the presentation and discuss what wild and domesticated mean.
  2. Continue through the slides to let the scouts guess whether each child is wild or domestic.

After, if desired, complete the page in the Lion Handbook.

Activity | Wild Or Domestic* Charades Sorting Game

This game lets Lion Cubs learn about wild versus domesticated animals by viewing images of various wild and domestic animals to determine their differences and identify them. Then they get to act like an animal and working together to determine which category it falls into – Domestic vs. Wild!

  1. Prep: Print out the Mats and Cut apart the animal cards
  2. Discuss the difference between Wild and Domestic Animals
  3. Let a child draw an animal card. They get to act it out.
  4. When the animal is guessed the actor determines whether it is Wild or Domestic and puts the card on the correct mat.

After, if desired, complete the page in the Lion Handbook.

Activity | Animal Craft*

Open craft based on supplies provided to scouts to create a wild and domestic animal.

After, if desired, complete the page in the Lion Handbook.

Completing the Mountain Lion Adventure

Congratulations you completed the Mountain Lion adventure! Don’t forget to mark off the Adventure on the Trail Map and Adventure Tracking page. If you did not complete this with your den tell your den leader so they can mark the completion in Scoutbook and your Lion will be awarded his or her adventure belt loop soon after. Well done, off to the next adventure!

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