LION | Lion’s Roar Rank Adventure

The Lion’s Roar adventure is a required activity for Lion Cub Scouts (Kindergarten). It focuses on personal safety and the skills needed to follow the “Protect Yourself Rules.”

Adult partners should preview several items before working with their scout on this adventure:

Further, Den Leaders should provide a notification of Option A or B to inform parents/ guardians of how to complete the adventure at home or how the program will be presented to the den.

Activities with an asterisks (*) are found via the QR codes in the Lion Adult Partner Handbook and Lion Cub Scout Handbook.

Requirement 1 | PYS Lion

With permission from your parent or legal guardian watch the Protect Yourself Rules video for the Lion rank.

Activity | Protect Yourself Lion Video*

Protect Yourself Rules – Lion Video – watch the video either at home or with your den.

Requirement 2 | Shout, Run, Tell

With your Lion adult partner, demonstrate Shout, Run, Tell as explained in the Protect Yourself Rules video.

Choose one or more of the following activities to complete this requirement:

Activity | Shout, Run, Tell Relay Lion*

After watching the video complete the coloring page in the Lion Handbook and practice Shout, Run, Tell with adult partners.

Shout, Run, Tell is a good first step but may overall be inadequate as most abuse is perpetrated through grooming by someone the child knows and trusts. An article by the nonprofit The Mama Bear Effect explains that children are unlikely to resist or tell someone immediately in this situation and puts the responsibility of prevention on the child. Further, freezing is another common reaction to stress situations so the expectation of fighting back or fleeing may not be possible at the time. This is often why a delay in reporting occurs. The article argues for a more comprehensive approach that focuses on adult awareness and responsibility.

With that in mind, parents, guardians, and den leaders may consider including and using parts of the complete Kindergarten curriculum from The Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center Foundation.

  • Classroom Lesson Plans – There are few booklets that are helpful as well as a Lesson 2 which is called, ‘It Doesn’t Matter Who it Is’

Requirement 3 | Emergency Services

With your Lion adult partner, demonstrate how to access emergency services.

Choose one or more of the following activities to complete this requirement:

Activity | Home Security Emergency Services*

Discuss how to contact emergency services, 911 (when and how to call/ contact via device), roll play talking to a 911 operator.

Activity | Practice 911 And Five Trusted Adults*

Use the adventure page in the Lion Handbook to practice dialing 911 and discuss with your den when you should. Then identify and list five trusted adults in Lion Handbook page with phone numbers.

Requirement 4 | Street Safety

With your Lion adult partner, demonstrate how to safely cross a street or walk in a parking lot.

Choose one or more of the following activities to complete this requirement:

Activity | Green Means Go Red Means Stop*

Discuss street and parking lot safety, complete Lion Handbook page, play red light/ green light.

Activity | Make Believe Parking Lot*

This activity requires a bit of prep from the adult leader. He or she will need to find a safe hard top area (like a basketball court or large driveway), secure six bikes & helmets, and use sidewalk chalk to create an intersection and parking lot with six spaces on either side of an aisle. First, have someone act as a crossing light signal and have cubs and partners practice crossing streets at intersections. Then move to the “parking lot” and have six cubs and/ or partners use the bikes as cars. Everyone else practices parking lot safety with their adult partner.

Completing the Lion’s Roar Adventure

Congratulations you completed the Lion’s Roar adventure! Don’t forget to mark off the Adventure on the Trail Map and Adventure Tracking page. If you did not complete this with your den tell your den leader so they can mark the completion in Scoutbook and your Lion will be awarded his or her adventure belt loop soon after. Well done, off to the next adventure!

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