LION | Bobcat Required Rank Adventure

The Lion Bobcat rank focuses on character and Leadership. It should be the first adventure Lions earn before embarking on the rest of the Lion trail (though it does not have to be – p.12 Lion Adult Partner Guide). The Lion program is designed to be completed with an adult partner. As such both the adult and scout have comprehensive handbooks that outline each requirement and suggested activities for completing the requirements. Look below for for more Lion Bobcat fun!

Activities with an asterisks (*) are found via the QR codes in the Lion Adult Partner Handbook and Lion Cub Scout Handbook.

Requirement 1

Get to know the members of your den.

Choose one of the following activities:

Activity | Autographs*

On page 3 of the Lion Cub Scout Handbook den members can sign their names in each other’s book.

Why you might consider an alternative: The Bobcat Adventure should be completed first which means it will be very early in the Kindergarten year. Many kids, particularly those who never attended Pre-K programs or have families that believe in delaying writing and reading until it is more developmentally appropriate, may only have basic handwriting skills and could feel uncomfortable or left out with this type of activity.

Activity | Den Doodle Lion*

This activity is linked in the Lion Adult Partner Guide. There is a QR code that opens a Scouting.org resource page.

  • Den Doodle Lion – This requires significant pre-planning by an adult due to the building and decorating of board. However, it can be used throughout the year to track attendance, etc.

Activity | Make a Den Flag

Den Flag Lion*

As written via the link in the Lion Adult Partner Guide, this activity requires significant pre-planning by an adult as it involves concrete, etc. However, making a den flag is an activity that all ages of scout love and should be considered in a more reasonable manner. Below we offer a modified version of the activity that has been done, with great success, at countless Twilight Camps and Den meetings.


Note: You can make a larger flag. However, one thing that is very common for this age is drawing very small. Taking up all the space on a large flag will likely require adult help.

  1. Cover the workspace with a table or drop cloth that can get marker on it.
  2. Encourage the kids to think about things they all like and want to do together. Possibly come up with a mascot.
  3. Have them practice making the flag on plain white paper. An adult may want to help them organize all their favorite ideas.
  4. Draw the images/ design on the flag with permanent markers. You can use fabric markers if desired, but regular sharpies work well and do not bleed.
  5. Optional: Replace the stick the flags come with with a longer option so they can proudly march them into the den meetings! Often, these flags start sliding down the dowels, so if you do a quick stitch at the top they will stay on the dowels better.

Remember if it looks nice five-year-olds probably didn’t make it!

Activity | Hand Puppets

Hand Puppet Introductions*

This activity is linked in the Lion Adult Partner Guide. There is a QR code that opens a Scouting.org resource page. It is a simple brown paper bag puppet crafting activity and should be easy to set up and complete by children ages 5-6. See below for a suggestions on how-to complete the activity.

  1. The canvas hand puppets linked above are a little easier for small hands to wield than paper bags and can be drawn on with permanent markers. (Do stuff with cardstock or something similar to prevent bleed through to the back).

Another option to simplify your planning is to invest in a pre-made puppet kit. (Grab some Glue Dots to make adhesion super simple)

Lions Talk and Listen*

This activity requires no preparation or supplies and introduces the Cub Scout sign. See below for a modification of this activity. But, by itself does not fulfill the requirement of Requirement 1. You will need to add another of the suggested activities or supplement on your own.

Activity | Cub Scout Sign Boogie (Optional)

The Cub Scout Sign is not officially introduced until the Tiger rank adventures. However, it is very useful in getting the attention of a large group and Lions will see the sign at pack meetings. So, it is a good idea to introduce it to them and let them practice a little – especially in this fun activity!

  1. Introduce the Cub Scout Sign and what it means: The two raised fingers represent wolf ears and when you see the sign raised, you raise it too and listen.
  2. Now, it’s time for a dance party. Play music, let the kids boogie.
  3. At random intervals, pause the music.
  4. When the music stops, everyone must freeze in place and make the Cub Scout sign.
  5. Resume the music and continue playing.
A Person Doing Peace Sign

Activity | The Wigalo Song*

This activity requires no preparation or supplies and is a fun call and response way to reinforce names. It has been around for a long time, check out this video to see a great example:

Grab our FREE Printable to pass around to your den and adult partners.

Requirement 2

Have your Lion adult partner or den leader read the Scout Law to you. Demonstrate your understanding of being friendly.

Choose one of the following activities:

Activity | The Colorful Scout Law*

The Colorful Scout Law – While an adult discusses each point of the Scout Law, on page 4 of the Lion Cub Scout Handbook cubs can determine which characters are being friendly. Lions can color each image a different color.

Activity | The Compliment Game*

The Compliment Game is a simple game requiring no prep or supplies. This activity is linked in the Lion Adult Partner Guide. There is a QR code that opens a Scouting.org resource page.

Activity | Friendship Zipper Pull* How-To

This activity is for Lion Cubs to make their buddy a gift – a Zipper Pull. It is a simple craft that is good for their age group and gives them the opportunity to do something ‘Friendly’ for a new friend.

The Friendship Zipper Pull activity is linked in the Lion Adult Partner Guide. There is a QR code that opens a Scouting.org resource page. This is a craft that requires a few materials. Here, instead of using two parts, a key ring and a key chain clip, we use a single alloy clip designed to work with paracord. Less moving parts is a winner! See below for our streamlined and simplified version.

  1. Bend the paracord in half.
  2. Push the bent end through the hole at the bottom of the clip to form a loop.
  3. Run the two running ends of the paracord through the loop and tighten.
  4. If desired slide beads on the ends and secure with a knot.

Note: Use a lighter to fuse the ends of the paracord so they don’t unravel. Likewise a quick heating of the knots can melt them together so they stay in place.

Activity | Scout Law Puzzle


An adult should print and cut apart the puzzle. Mix up the strips and let the scouts put them back in the correct order. Help and support as needed.

Requirement 3

Share with your Lion adult partner, during a den meeting or at home, a time when you have demonstrated the Cub Scout motto “Do Your Best.”

Choose one of the following activities:

Activity | When Am I Doing My Best?*

When Am I Doing My Best? This is a guided discussion and completion of the coloring page in the Lion Cub Scout Handbook. For more details, in the Lion Adult Partner Guide there is a QR code that opens a Scouting.org resource page.

Requirement 4

At home, with your parent or legal guardian, do the activities in the booklet “How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide.”

Choose one of the following activities:

Activity | How to Protect Your Children… Pamphlet*

Included with the Lion Cub Scout Handbook and Adult Leader Handbook is the Pamphlet: “How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide.” The pamphlet is also included with the digital ebooks and is available online in English and Spanish.

If desired on page 6 of the Lion Cub Scout Handbook Adult partners can help scout write the names of five trusted adults.

Completing the Lion Bobcat Adventure

Congratulations you completed your first adventure in Scouts ever! Don’t forget to cut out or print page 7 in the Handbook to award to your Lion. Similarly, mark off the Bobcat Adventure on the Trail Map and Adventure Tracking page. If you did not complete this with your den tell your den leader so they can mark the completion in Scoutbook and your Lion will be awarded his or her adventure belt loop soon after. Well done, off to the next adventure!

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