LION | Build It Up, Knock It Down Elective Adventure

The Build It Up, Knock It Down adventure is an elective activity for Lion Cub Scouts (Kindergarten). This is a fun adventure where scouts will get to build on their own and as a den.

Activities with an asterisks (*) are found via the QR codes in the Lion Adult Partner Handbook and Lion Cub Scout Handbook.

Requirement 1 | Build

With your Lion adult partner, build a structure.

Choose at least one activity from the following:

Activity | Building Block House*

  • Building Block House – This is a fairly straightforward Lego house building activity.

Activity | Simple Free Building

Instead of the structured options from the Lion Partner Guide consider bringing supplies and allowing the scouts to free build. Another bonus of structuring the activity in this way is it will be budget and time friendly.

The requirement specifies building a structure not that it must be a Lego structure. So, grab whatever you have on hand like wooden play blocks, Keva planks, Lincoln Logs, some old Jenga sets, or even an assortment of carboard boxes that adults can pop or tape together on site.

If you want something more structured consider getting specific Lego sets or the Gingerbread House option is a good budget friendly option.

Activity | Cardboard Skyscraper*

This option requires significant prep from the den leader to construct, glue, and transport cardboard boxes of a specific size for organized assembly and decoration. See the resource linked in the Adult Partner guide for all the details.

Activity | Gingerbread House*

A fairly self explanatory activity. You will need a house kit for each scout and significant parent/ partner involvement.

Requirement 2 | Build with your Den or Family

With your den or family, build a structure.

Choose at least one activity from the following:

Activity | Cup Pyramid*

Using 105 – 16oz. cups build a pyramid together (and, yes, you need 105 cups for this activity to get the pyramid to be the correct dimensions).

Activity | Pillow and Blanket Fort*

Self explanatory, probably best done as a family or by bringing the den to someone’s home

Activity | We Built This City Out of Card and Board*

Minimal prep from the den leader, they will need to make sure they have all of the supplies to bring to the meeting for the group build.

Requirement 3 | Knock it Down!

Build something that is designed to be knocked down.

Choose at least one activity from the following:

Activity | Blow My House Down*

Cut out the page in the Lion Handbook to make triangle “blocks” use them to build a structure, then use a fan to blow them down.

  • Page from handbook
  • Scissors for each scout/ partner
  • Tape for each scout/ partner

If you plan to be the den leader throughout cub scouts you may consider investing in some group supplies (like a class set of scissors etc.). Often packs have budget for dens based on enrollment and dues that can be used for such purchases.

Activity | Build It Up and Knock It Down Relay*

This is a good one if you chose to do the cup build from Requirement 2 as it will require no additional supplies.

Activity | Down Goes the Dominoes*

Domino structures to knock over. You will need 20 dominos per scout. You may consider getting dominos that are designed for knocking over. If you do this activity you could also use the dominos to complete the simple free build from Requirement 1.

Completing the Build It Up, Knock It Down Adventure

Congratulations you completed the Build It Up, Knock It Down adventure! Don’t forget to mark off the Adventure on the Trail Map and Adventure Tracking page. If you did not complete this with your den tell your den leader so they can mark the completion in Scoutbook and your Lion will be awarded his or her adventure belt loop soon after. Well done, off to the next adventure!

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