14 | Space Exploration Merit Badge at Lonestar Flight Museum




$60 per scout, $15 parent/guardian admission


Lonestar Flight Museum, 11551 Aerospace Ave.,
Houston, TX77034


From the organizer:

Use our growing collection of space artifacts – including an original Space Shuttle Trainer flight simulator, the Crew Compartment Trainer, a Mars rover prototype, and an exploratory Mars humanoid rover – to study past NASA missions, especially the Shuttle Transfer System, and astronauts. Design and build a model off-Earth planetary base, image how we can explore the unknown parts of our solar system, and build a model or a historic NASA rocket. This is a two-day class; both day are required for completion.

Price: $60 per Scout. ($15 parent museum admission available)

Requirements fulfilled: 1, 2, 3*, 4a-d, 5ac, 6a, 7a-d, 8. Because LSFM is in restricted air space, we cannot launch model rockets.  To complete requirement 3, we will do the alternate of building a scale model of a NASA rocket system. Full completion of badge, no outside work required.

Date / Time: Click on the date/time below to register.

General Information​

  • For most badges, requirements are completed within the workshop with no outside requirements. Some badges may have prerequisite work.
  • Class time varies based on the badge. Please review each badge workshop for exact times.
  • Pricing varies per badge.
  • All supplies, including workbooks and blue cards are provided by LSFM.
  • Merit badge workshops are open to all Scouts BSA ages 11-17.
  • Class fees for scouts includes admission to the exhibits.
  • All youth must be escorted to the classroom by an adult and signed in. Parents can choose to drop-off scouts or purchase a $15 admission ticket to tour the museum exhibits during the class time.
  • Full day Saturday classes include a 30 minute lunch break. Scouts must bring their own lunch. Water and soda are available in the gift shop. Aviation MB has no lunch break.


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