14 | Engineering Merit Badge at Lonestar Flight Museum




$45 per scout, $15 parent/guardian admission


Lonestar Flight Museum, 11551 Aerospace Ave.,
Houston, TX77034

engineering Merit Badge at Lonestar DETAILS

From the organizer:

Engineering Merit Badge​

Get your hands on engineering! After exploring multiple types of engineering, learn how the Wright Brothers were master engineers solving multiple problems to invent powered aircraft. Study the properties of materials by performing heat conductivity and energy transfer experiments, disassemble an engine down to the piston to see how the components make it work, and talk to an engineer to learn about the career opportunities for you.

Price: $45 per Scout. ($15 parent museum admission available)

Requirements fulfilled: 1, 2, 3, 4a-e, 5a, 6de, 7, 8, 9.  Full completion of badge, no outside work required. 

Date / Time: Click on the date/time below to register.

General Information​

  • For most badges, requirements are completed within the workshop with no outside requirements. Some badges may have prerequisite work.
  • Class time varies based on the badge. Please review each badge workshop for exact times.
  • Pricing varies per badge.
  • All supplies, including workbooks and blue cards are provided by LSFM.
  • Merit badge workshops are open to all Scouts BSA ages 11-17.
  • Class fees for scouts includes admission to the exhibits.
  • All youth must be escorted to the classroom by an adult and signed in. Parents can choose to drop-off scouts or purchase a $15 admission ticket to tour the museum exhibits during the class time.
  • Full day Saturday classes include a 30 minute lunch break. Scouts must bring their own lunch. Water and soda are available in the gift shop. Aviation MB has no lunch break.


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